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Panic Miracle

Hi everyone, hope you all very well today and I'd like to share Myexperience wiith fear and Lucinda Bassetts program in General. Summarize to get started and give you my honest feedback they seek. Then I go in detail and share my experiences. IE: I don't think Lucinda Bassetts program/tapes are most effective. I don't know what all the different experiences and/or progress. But, frankly, I think it's a waste of money and certainly not the value of the investment. Why? 1. There are many bands included. Many people have all these bands not seen who is willing to give up without trying!For this reason some ppl probably never had any positive result. Only adds more anxiety and my condition when it worsens. (this is normal as Lucinda States in the program) Because most people are afraid of suffering typical reaction would be: the idea is not perfect, again same CD Uptil do so completely absorbed and the so-called fear, through the entire process to consider, that many bands on fear, take a subject or come back later to deny! We are afraid. As a first step, it is common, that have a negative reaction or you can actually increase your fear! But if you see the results or the patience, go step by step to see every single band? We expect immediate results 1-2-3. Most of us have the perseverance and positive attitude through the program simply believing that works? Probably not because I think it doesn't work for everyone. 2. certainly not see the complete CD and every single band. Why? Well, no doubt, because I only nonsense couldn't install through his courage to speak. I think most is not very useful or even filter and very time consuming. I think you referred to as patient, i.e. in a hospital and in the recreation area. Who wants to hear that they are in a recovery area and improve small daily? I think you could have summarized their cassettes and makes a realistic1-3 CDs and most ppl well priced Canbenefit. I don't know that it is well known that most suffer from PPL Anxietywill useless, if you buy this expensive program. Why?Quite simply, because probably all the ProgramSTEP step and go to step down. Batch babble nonsense, accommodation in many discs? Of course not. What I think is the genius of your program? (Admittedly I don't think their program to adapt these principles to purchase and get such a result only of course somewhere else) 1 accept that you fear, etc have to accept and understand Lovingyourself, you're creative, etc to understand 2. cause and your (or whatever it is) afraid to understand Simplyare and current diagnostic does panic miracle work symptoms of fear and the effects and causes. 3 Googling positive influences, fear or even bipolar. (for example, Einstein, Mozart,) etc. 4 so find, improve to reduce their lifestyle to fear: no coffee, eat junk food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 5 write a daily progress and the opinion of the newspaper. Said it was not great, your emotions bottled or to analyze each situation, etc. , 6. You can chat, anxiety sufferers with other people. This feel like you're not alone and understands that we have similar experiences. meditation 7. He recalled that meditation is very important. Iwould recommend meditation links on YouTube. (cheaper)Meditation helped me. I think you will buy an entire hard disk, automatically recover from anxiety. I think if you are simply more aware of their condition, understand, accept, change your lifestyle a little and some principles are applied, you can see the results. I think you know canbe useful but there are cheaper by means of results! In any case, it helped me. His bands have helped me in many ways. Unfortunately, I don't have the entire CD, but I found Helpother ways to Googling more about fright, changing my diet became more positive, with confidence and stop accepting Overanalzyingthings and live for the moment. .